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My 365 Digital Optimization Program

In an ever-changing world where online presence has become more prominent than ever before, it is imperative for businesses to utilize social media to convey their brand messaging in a consistent manner in addition to connecting with clients, prospects, and like-minded individuals. Digital optimization can be defined as the process of enhancing, creating, and marketing through social media ultimately leading to quality connections, lead generation and a higher ranked web presence in search results, thereby making your organization easier to find, contact and do business with.

🔎 Discover

Meet with My365 Marketing Manager 1-on-1 to determine your organizations unique Social Media Marketing needs.

Exchange social media credentials

Walk through of application for inputting ticket requests**

Get to work!

🎓 Learn

Gain access to resources, tools, tutorials and more curated by My365 Marketing Manager

Learn the tricks of the trade to replicate for future marketing use

Attend monthly group calls with varying social media topics, curated by the My365 Digital Optimization Partners input

🌱 Grow

Sit back, relax, and watch those numbers climb!

What to expect: Increase in engagement rate, higher search ranking, social media monitoring, easy to digest PDF reports generated to track growth and metrics outlining your strongest content, performance and more.

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